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  • CP Officers’ Duties
  • Protocol
  • 1st Aid
  • International Law
  • Terrorist MO
  • Vehicle Search
  • Threat Assessment
  • Risk Analysis
  • Advance Reconnaissance
  • Route Selections
  • Security Planning
  • Residential Security
  • Specialist Equipment
  • Counter Surveillance Measures
  • Protective Formations
  • Communication Psychology
  • Work Ethics
  • Quick Response Techniques
  • Disarming Techniques
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Vehicle Tactics
  • Arrival & Departure Drills
  • Firearms Safety
  • STSC Handgun Techniques *
  • Applied SF Shooting
  • Basic I.E.D. Awareness
  • Bomb Security and Procedures
  • Hotel Security
  • Search Techniques
  • Applied OODA Techniques

* US and Philippines live fire

Course Description

ISA Academy’s BTP Executive Protection Training Program is designed to ensure that the basic knowledge and skills are developed, that will enable each operative to effectively discharge their complex responsibilities independently, corresponding to the highest international standards. The “BTP Course” provides an intensive instruction for attendees at the ISA Academy®. We are looking for people with the right attitude.

Our chief instructor, having more than 35 years of personal hands-on experience in executive security, is RSDF trained and served as commissioned officer at several elite regiments. After a career in the army, with honorable discharge, (including five tours of duty at the Royal Castle, as chief of the quick response unit), he has spent the past years as operational EC at International Security Agency. During this time, he has participated in multiple CP, Surveillance and Counter Terrorism Programs around the world.

Our training facilities are administrated by ISA Academy®. The “BTP Course” was originally designed for International Security Agency trainees only, but to the great demand we decided to open the academy to the public in 1995.

As you can see from our course description, we offer one of the most comprehensive Executive Protection Training Courses open to the public today. Our small class size ensures individual attention from instructors so that you can achieve outstanding training results in a reasonable time frame spent on site.

Your training will be spent practicing and studying a wide variety of tactical, protective and security related topics. The ISA Academy® curriculum also includes intensive training in defensive tactics, practical exercises and the use of firearms. Several tests will be administrated in all areas to monitor the progress of each attendee.

ISA Academy’s “BTP Course” is recognized as one of the finest and most respected training courses in the world today, and is often attended by police officers, law enforcement and UN security personnel from all over the world.

No matter what your reasons may be for attending one of our courses, or what previous experience you may have, you will receive one of the most authentic and up to date Executive Protection Training Programs available on the market today.

Regionally Scheduled Course Dates

All BTP Executive Protection Training Programs offered worldwide, EU, USA and Asia, are inclusive of accommodations and all related training equipment. The annually scheduled BTP course dates for your region, are available on page 5 in this brochure.

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Global Executive Security School
Est. 1986

Academic Records

Permanent academic records are maintained by ISA Academy®. The contents of these records are confidential and will not be divulged except upon the written request of the attendee.

Grading System

A / 5 Excellent
B / 4 Good
C / 3 Average
D / 2 Fair
E / 1 Passing
F / – Fail


The BTP Executive Protection Training Program is a 30-day course, divided into two separate sections.
The first part of the training includes the theory. The second part of the BTP Course includes the hands on practical training.
The attendees will be requested to complete the theory part, which is 20 days, from their home location. Thereafter all attendees will fulfill their remaining 10 intense days with practical training on location at ISA Academy®.


Both male and female applicants are welcome to join the BTP Executive Protection Training Program at the ISA Academy®. Applicants must however be of legal age, in good health and have a sufficient ability to speak, read and communicate in English.

Prior experience in the field of close protection or security is recommended yet not required. Applicants should, however, be aware of the BTP Executive Protection Training Program is demanding both mentally and physically.

Applicants with conviction of a criminal offense or the use of illegal drugs will not be accepted to the academy.


The BTP Executive Protection Training Program is intended to fully qualify operatives for armed and unarmed protection assignments in such countries where it is applicable.

Attendees are evaluated from their practical and theoretical skills during throughout the course. Attendees will also have to pass a written examination at the final day of the course.

Attendees achieving B/4 level or above, will be able to work at the highest levels of security in the field of close protection.


Applicants to the BTP Executive Protection Training Program should use the online enrollment form on page 5. Completed application forms should be submitted to ISA Academy®.

Available BTP training dates for your region are listed on the application form. The dates listed, refer to the starting date of the practical section of the training in your area. 

The payment plan for attendance on the BTP Executive Protection Training Program is outlined at page 4, under “Tuition”, in this brochure.

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Global Executive Security School
Est. 1986


Upon completion and thorough evaluation of academy training, successful attendees will graduate and receive the credentials of an ISA Close Protection Officer, signed and verified by the International Security Agency.


A deposit of 10% will be requested upon confirmation of the applicant. The remaining amount is due for payment by the attendee no later than at the first day of attendance.
001 1
The training manual and additional documentation is sent to the attendee immediately upon receipt of the deposit.
Most of the tuition is spent back on the attendee in form of equipment, ammunition, literature, and other operational expenses.
002 1
Simple shared accommodations are offered at no additional charge throughout the training. Attendees requiring private rooms, may individually book accommodations outside the included package at their own expense.
The tuition of the Executive Protection Training is listed at respective training location on page 5.


These distinguished government authorities, UN organizations and commercial companies have contracted ISA Academy® as provider of professional training services and know-how to their operational divisions:

AustraliaSydneyNSW Police Service
Protective Group
DR CongoKinshasaUN Mission In Congo (MONUC)
MONUC Management Close Protection Unit
MONUC Special Extraction Teams
IndonesiaJakartaWisar Group
Delta Guards
PT Bumame
ItalyRomeUnited Nations
World Food Programme (UNWFP)


ManilaEnvisage Security Agency
Government of Masbate
Brokk Protection


MoscowPrima Security


SingaporeSingapore Police Force
Gurkha Special Action Group (GSAG)
Special Police Evacuation and Rescue (SPEAR)
Singapore Armed Forces-Counter Terrorism Unit
Singapore Ministry of Defence-Security Branch


StockholmSwedish National Police Academy
Security Driving Sweden AB
Svenska Personskyddsgruppen



International Security Institute of Studies
Omega Taskforce
Falcon Team Security


New Jersey

New York
Washington DC

US Department of Defense
US Department of Justice – ATF
Camden Co. Sheriff’s Department
Camden Co. Park Police
M&J Investigations
American Detective Agency
American Detective Agency
Lion Investigation Academy
American Detective Systems

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Global Executive Security School
Est. 1986

Admission Form

Executive Protection Training Program

Applicants to the Executive Protection Training Program should complete this application form and submit it online.  

  • Joining instructions will be issued upon receipt.
  • Training manual, accommodation, and all relevant training equipment are included in the tuition.

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Global Executive Security School
Est. 1986

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