BTP Bodyguard Training Program
e-Application Form

Applicants to the BTP Bodyguard Training Program should complete this application form and submit it online. Joining instructions will be issued upon receipt. Training manual, free accommodation, and all other required training equipment are included in the course fee. The tuition of the BTP Bodyguard Training Program is listed at respective course location below. A 10% deposit will be required to confirm the enrollment!

NIC is your national ID# (for example your SSN, depending on nationality).
P.O. Box not accepted for delivery!
Upon receiving the confirmation a 10% deposit ($320.00) of the tuition will be required by the applicant to confirm the enrollment, the training manual and theory section will be dispatched to the attendees postal address upon receipt of the deposit. The remaining balance is payable at attendance.
If your participation in the BTP training program is authorized for payment by your agency, please fill in the invoice address and administrative contact details of your financial department. Otherwise, leave the fields A. B. C. blank!